Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is CrossFit for Me?

CrossFit is for everyone and can benefit everyone.  It's focus on functional movements means that these benefits will be observed both at the gym and in your everyday lives. CrossFit is also easily made accessible to all individuals through the use of scaling and modifying workouts so that they challenge you, but also take your current fitness level into consideration.

  • Do I Need To Be In Shape to Start CrossFit

Often you will hear people say that they want to begin CrossFit but need to get in shape first.  This is not necessary.  The best way to get into shape for CrossFit is to begin doing CrossFit now.  We offer a Foundations program for everyone who is new to CrossFit that will teach you all the essential movements as well as offer workouts that are meant to ease you into the general classes.

Once you begin taking general classes you will also see that any workout can be modified to fit your current fitness level.  We want to ensure that everyone gets in a good workout while keeping your current fitness level and any possible limitations in mind.

  • Why Is It So Expensive?

Unlike a traditional large box gym where members are simply left to direct themselves, each CrossFit class is led by a trained CrossFit instructor.  The groups in each class are kept to a size where everyone can get personalized instruction on all of the movements being performed in the class.

  • What Do I Need to Bring With Me To Class?

All you need to bring with you is a good attitude and a desire to better yourself.  However, you should also wear clothing and shoes that are breathable and meant for athletic purposes.  It is also always smart to bring layers depending on the current weather and time of year.

  • How Do I Get Started?

Feel free to check out our class offerings, schedule and pricing.  Once you decide that you are interested in getting started feel free to contact us. 

  • What is the Foundations Class?

The Foundations Class is a two-week program that covers all the essential movements that are necessary for CrossFit.  Over the course of four classes you will learn several movements as well as perform a short workout at the end of each class. This will allow you to build up your fitness level and gain the knowledge to smoothly transition into our general classes.

  • Where Can I Find Additional Info on CrossFit?

Several CrossFit specific questions can be answered by visiting the FAQ section on the website.

If you are looking for more general or broad reaching information on CrossFit, the CrossFit Journal is a wonderful source for articles and videos on a wide range of CrossFit related topics. 

If you are looking for more info that would pertain to your experience at CrossFit Bravura, then feel free to contact us.

Power Lifting and olympic lifting in Elkhart, IN.  Crossfit and hiit training bars

Power Lifting and olympic lifting in Elkhart, IN. Crossfit and hiit training bars